Environmental education

Date: 10 June 2015 Category:

binoculars-100590_1920Environmental Education Centres of Legambiente (CEA) are territorial laboratories, real green classrooms located near oases and natural reserve, nature centres, sites of community importance and protected areas of local interest, geological and archaeological areas.

Through residential stays and day tours, CEA of Legambiente are the ideal destination of an educational tourism for schools and families. A place where you can be familiar with local nature and culture supported by expert environmental educators, equipped laboratories and documentation centres where you can increase the experiences you have had in the field.

Guided tour and field trips, but also meeting with local people, old crafts, culture of the place not as “tourist” but as friends who go to friend’s house, accompanied by operators and guide who play the role of territorial interpreter, introducing to the knowledge of culture and to the peculiarity of the area.