The project: objectives, actions, contents and results

With the eco-label that bears his name, Legambiente Tourism tends to achieve the objectives of Legambiente dedicated to improve the quality of life in the cities and in the territory seeking a meeting point with social sectors that recognize the quality of environment a necessary condition and an opportunity to conduct their business and to be more competitive on the market.

The conservation of the territory, landscapes, culture, traditions and history has always been a priority for the environmentalism. Also in the tourist economy, the environmental quality of tourist accommodations has a growing importance in the choice of vacation destinations.

Legambiente Tourism, with the project Recommended because of commitment to environmental protection , realized a partnership with accommodation and touristic facilities and with local government authorities that engages everyone in the realization of a common goal: respect the environment without diminishing quality and comfort.

We ask the businesses to join a local project that provides:

  • a guideline that sets out the objectives of sustainability in the ordinary management of accommodation businesses, developed in specific measures for seaside areas, inland and mountain, cities of art, camping and other accommodation and/or tourist facilities;
  • a training activity carried out in ways to help the operators;
  • the definition of things to do with the group of entrepreneurs that participate;
  • an annual check of the participating companies as a guarantee of customers.


In each location, the group of member companies plans with their representatives (associations, consortia etc..) and Legambiente Tourism the actions that occur in the kitchen, during the housekeeping, in purchases, with the separate waste collection, the installation of devices for water and energy saving. The participating facilities undertake to choose and provide fresh products in season for their customers, organically grown and for the enhancing of the area, making them know the typical products, giving information about natural, historical and cultural heritage of the place and about the means of transportation to use during the stay.

They organized themselves in order to take part in the community life and improve the overall liveability and the quality of services at the destination, for example: actions intended to achieve a more orderly urban layout, the cleanliness of the city, the efficient separate collection and the recycling of waste, tariff systems of services that recognize the contribution of the operators, the construction of bicycle paths, a public transport more efficient.

And the guest? Even the guest can do his part by adopting the good practice followed at home: the

separate collection of the waste by putting batteries and newspapers in proper containers, avoid the wastage of water and energy, use as much as possible low impact means – such as bicycle – not to increase local traffic, reduce the noise, search fresh food, in season and organic and taste the traditional dishes of the place.

Each business “Recommended” by Legambiente is recognized by the presence of ecolabel logo, the attention to environment and food and the communication to the guest of good daily practices, with the presence of containers for the separate collection of waste, Legambiente Tourism’s flayer, by the advices in the bathrooms in order to reduce the useless washing of the towels and by the billboards that indicate the availability of organic products for breakfast and in the menu.