Copertina 1998HDSince 1991, Legambiente organizes volunteer camps, an opportunity for everyone to act directly on environmental issues. The camps are a big opportunity for those who want to carry out fun and useful activities in locations that deserve to be safeguarded and valued. For this reason every year nearly 4.000 volunteers join the campaign Volontariambiente. They participate to about 200 camps in Italy and to the hundreds of camps abroad, made by Legambiente partners that adhere to Network Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations.

Who the camps are for?                                                                                            

Practically for everyone: parents with children from 4 to 10 years old, camps for teens and adults, skin divers with license, volunteers who speak English (international camps in Italy or abroad).


How the camps are conducted?                                                                                

The camps are mostly summer but there are all year round. A camp typically last 10 days (national) or 15 (international) but there may be projects of one week or several months. One or more camp’s managers coordinate work activities (5-6 hours per day, with one day off per week), chores (preparing meals and cleanings) and free time. The accommodations are quite simple (schools, public buildings, shelters, hostels, etc..). Beds and mattresses are supplied by the organization. Sleeping bag and ability to adapt are essential tools of good volunteer.


Where can I find the list of camps?                                                                          

On the website www.legambiente.it/volontariato/campi                                                                                      The summer camps are published on February. You choose the camp and for further information and to book it is always necessary to call the Volunteer Office of Legambiente from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm on numbers 06/8626832.


Economics conditions                                                                                                    

The participation fee to volunteer camps allow to contribute to the expenses of organization and to the management of camps and Legambiente. At the expense of volunteer, excluding contribution, remain the transportation and the card of the year. To volunteers are guaranteed food, accommodations and insurance.


Origin of volunteers                                                                                                        

In most of the camps in Italy the participants are Italian. All the camps abroad and some of those in Italy are international: means that volunteers participate from all over the world (usually 2 to nationality) and therefore the official language in this kind of camps is ENGLISH, if not otherwise specified.


Duration of camps                                                                                                        

National camps last from 7 to 15 days, international ones from 15 upwards, up to the medium-run or long-run projects that could last one year.